Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church

This morning I’ve come across this article entitled “Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church”

As I was reading it, I couldn’t help myself smiling at the results of the poll. I myself have been talking about these 6 reasons and some more for quite some time. So what and who needs to change? Fundamentalism or overly conservative worldviews may find the fault in the young people or tell us that they are not mature enough, I think it is high time for the church to look at herself and what she’s doing with what she is given. Even labels such as Fundamentalist or Conservative are misleading and may make us miss the point and it is usually more complicated than that. However, I am not inclined to blame these kids who voiced their concerns in this poll because I myself see the exact same faults committed by the more conservative evangelical folk as a whole (surely there’s another side of the coin at the other end of the spectrum). So what say ye? How can we proceed from here?


Six Reasons Young Christians Leave Church” üzerine 2 yorum

  1. One of the most profitable experiences our family has enjoyed has been our friendship with Turkish graduate students. One charming young wife became a surrogate big sister for my 11 and 13 year old daughters, and the affection was real and powerful. Realizing that people we love so dearly do not share our faith in Jesus Christ provokes serious conversation, serious prayer.

  2. I definitely agree with Kinnaman’s quote at the end, “Cultivating intergenerational relationships is one of the most important ways in which effective faith communities are developing flourishing faith in both young and old. In many churches, this means changing the metaphor from simply passing the baton to the next generation to a more functional, biblical picture of a body – that is, the entire community of faith, across the entire lifespan, working together to fulfill God’s purposes.”

    I’m resistant to the segregation of their members or into different demographic groups that many US churches practice, though that approach was probably born out of a recognition that different people have different needs. Young people (college students, college dropouts, 20’s, single, married, divorced, parents) should be integrated into the church body and like anyone else in the church, should receive encouragement and teaching that addresses their specific concerns in a loving and challenging manner, giving space for their doubts and concerns, but should also be respected as adults and full members of the church, and therefore expected to participate just as middle-aged or older adults participate in the church. I think it’s the quality of these spiritual relationships that is important in keeping any person engaged in a church.

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